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A boutique agency founded by MustiTubeTV who is a youtuber, he likes to create content. Our work has generated more than 38 Million views on Social Media. We understand markets change and we adapt to it. We avoid the ordinary when exposing a brand’s true identity by breaking patterns.


Mustafa Al-saeedi
Mustafa Al-saeediVD / Musti Media production
Mustafa who is known as MustiTubeTV on Youtube. He is a youtuber and CEO of Musti Media.

He took advantage of his multi-cultural background to combine his two passions, media production, and Social Media. His +527K subscribers/followers on social media led him to be an expert in communicating on modern platforms. He directs our campaigns with a positive and perfectionist approach. His love for sharing ideas and guiding new talents immersed him in the next generation of creators.

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